Born in the future

Founded in 2019 in Paris, Rise of human is an ecofuturist footwear brand at the intersection of streetwear and high fashion. Rooted in the now but always looking ahead, we fuse a futuristic aesthetic with an ethical, sustainable, and technological production process to connect a new generation of individuals committed to building a more responsible future.

Drawing inspiration from neo-futurist architecture and electronic music, we create hybrid, functional and sustainable silhouettes, handmade in Portugal from recycled and bio-based materials, to propose an innovative vision of sustainable footwear design.

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Our world

Our futuristic aesthetic fuses functionality, sustainability, and technology to create hybrid silhouettes with streamlined shapes, sculptural lines and contrasted textures. We draw inspiration from the elementary and repeating shapes of Dan Flavin’s installations, the curves and organic contrasts of Zaha Hadid’s work, or the experimental and technological techno of Richie Hawtin.

Rise, together

Fueled by human values, our brand name is born from our humble belief that the path to a healthier future and a more responsible fashion industry begins with humanity and unity. We aim to connect a new generation to impulse positive change with care and meaningful actions.

Global clothing consumption has doubled in the last 15 years. Together, we can change that. Our responsibility is to make better in order for you to buy better. If you buy better, you can wear longer. If you wear longer, you can buy less. And if you buy less, you waste less and you participate to change. Let’s rise together.

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